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I do not have a specific buying program or cookie-cutter method. Instead, I work with each of my clients to structure a solution that meets their specific situation and needs. Examples include:

  • I can negotiate with your lender on your behalf. Just because you are behind on your payments or even in pre-foreclosure does not mean that your lender is not open to creative ways to restore your credit. My associates and I have experience working with lenders like yours to find a win-win solution to your situation.
  • I can make your mortgage payments until we sell your house. This is an excellent way to preserve your credit while waiting to find the right buyer for your property. This type of arrangement is especially helpful if you are currently making payments on two houses or need to purchase another residence.
  • I can buy your house for cash. Often, I can make an offer to close with a quick all-cash purchase.
  • I can rent-to-own your house. Leasing your house to us not only relieves you of the cash-flow issues of the monthly mortgage payment, but also gives you special tax advantages that are only available to people with rental property. If you choose to rent your house to me, I will be responsible for all day-to-day maintenance and minor repairs -- you will have all the tax and other advantages of owning rental property without the headaches of being a landlord!

    To start working together as quickly as possible, please fill out my New Client Information Form. The information provided is completely confidential and will not be shared with anyone.

Do you have an unwanted house and need to sell quickly? Behind on payments? Foreclosure? Relocating? Divorce?
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What is the foreclosure process in Georgia?

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Can they really take away someone's house?

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